Tips For Finding an Apartment in Garner, Part 1 summerwind apartments garner

Finding an apartment in Garner can be challenging. There is so much to consider, from location to amenities and your proximity to school or work. Plus, you’ll have to decide how many bedrooms you want, if you’ll be having a roommate, and the list goes on and on.

Summerwind Apartments offers 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments in Garner. Our mission is to make your life a breeze with our affordable apartments. From our fabulous amenities that include a 24-hour fitness and business center to a salt water pool and a covered grilling area, our apartments are perfect for you. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to find an apartment in Garner. Contact our team to schedule a tour today!


Consider Your Budget

Apartments can run the gamut when it comes to cost. While you want a luxury apartment with all of the amenities, you also want to be able to afford them as well. Some top things to consider when planning your budget is the number of bedrooms. A one-bedroom apartment in Garner is less expensive than a two-bedroom apartment. On top of rent, you’ll have utilities associated with the apartment, such as electric, gas, and internet. Also consider if you are having a roommate, which can cut the cost of an apartment in half. In addition, the location of the apartment in the apartment complex can be a deciding factor. The bottom level apartments are often more expensive than the upper level, as they are more desired. Thus, when considering your budget, consider what are deal breakers and what you can live without. After all, a hike up the stairs is good exercise!

Take Your Time

Most apartments in Garner require a minimum lease term, such as six months or, more likely, a year commitment. While that may not seem like a long time, it can be an eternity if you end up moving into an apartment you truly don’t like. You’ll want to take your time when searching for an apartment and take advantage of their free tours. This is a great chance to meet the property management team and get all of your questions answered, from maintenance issues to quiet hours.

If you have time, see if you can find a friendly apartment tenant who will give you a quick spiel about their experience living there and their experience with the property management team. Trust us when we say having quick attention to maintenance issues can be a lifesaver when your toilet stops working.


Summerwind Apartments offers many amenities and the best features in Garner. Our 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments options offer luxury you can get used to. From private balconies with French doors and crown molding to built-in desks with granite surfaces and stainless steel and energy-efficient appliances, you will absolutely love your space. There are large walk-in closets to store all of your clothes and belongings, as well as a great breakfast bar to enjoy your morning coffee. Schedule a tour today!