Hello, and welcome to our blog! Whether you are a resident of our Garner apartment community or a potential resident who is “window shopping,” we hope that you find the information in our blog to be helpful and informative.

Being that today’s blog is the first blog that we have created, we saw it fit to welcome you to our community, tell you a little bit about the Summerwind Apartments, and tell you what you can expect to see in our blog posts moving forward. Enjoy!

About The Summerwind Apartments

So you are looking at apartments for rent in Garner, North Carolina? Well, at least that is the most likely reason that you may have stumbled upon our site. As you begin your search for a new place to call home, you have likely been spending a great deal of time on your computer — searching terms like “apartments for rent in Garner, NC,” “apartments in Garner, NC,” “Garner apartments for rent,” “Garner, NC real estate,” or some other variation that plugs the words “apartment” and “Garner.”

After a couple days of searching, you have likely discovered that it is a little bit difficult to find all of the information you need to decide if an apartment is worth considering or crossing off of your list. Because of this, we, here at the Summerwind Apartments, have decided to list all of the information that you might need to know about our community in one place — below.

Our Amenities

When an apartment complex refers to their amenities, they are usually talking about their tiny pool — and while that looks good on paper, it might not be something that you even want to use once you move in. When we refer to amenities, here at the Summerwood Apartments, we are also referring to the amenities that our apartments come standard with — after all, these are the amenities that you use every day.

Apartment Amenities

For most people, when they are looking for a new apartment the quality of the interior is the highest priority. At the Summerwind Apartments, we have furnished our units with a number of features that might give you the feeling of being in a luxury apartment while still being in one of Garner’s most affordable apartments.

Our individual units come equipped with luxurious features like granite countertop and desktop surfaces, simulated wood flooring, balconies with french doors, stainless steel, and energy efficient appliances, and more. Check out our gallery to get a better idea of the luxurious feel that we are talking about.

Community Amenities

While yes, we believe the interior of an apartment unit to be home to the most valuable amenities, we also believe it to be important that there are also amenities for you to enjoy outside of your home. When you live at the Summerwind Apartments, not only do you have an amazing unit, but you also have access to countless other community amenities and luxuries. Whether you need a couple hours in a wellness center that can also entertain your child, need a pool to cool off in the hot summer heat, or need a covered grilling area to hold your traditional Sunday barbecues, you will find the amenities that you are looking for at our Garner apartments. Oh, and there is more — we also have communal amenities like a billiards room, laundry facility, playground, dog park, and business center. If you have any questions about our communal amenities, as well as the extent of access that you have to them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Floor Plans

Most apartments for rent in Garner, NC feature the same-old boring floor plan throughout the entire complex. At the Summerwind Apartments, we feature six different apartment floor plans. Why is this? Well, to put it simply, we understand that not everyone needs, or wants, the same floor plan. Every individual is looking for something a little different in regard to their future apartment floor plan — and that is why we decided to offer a variety of floor plans so that our residents can choose a floor plan that is functional enough to fit their own individual needs. To learn more about our different floor plans, as well as the amenities that they offer, click here.

Our Location

One of the best parts about our apartments for rent in Garner, NC is the awesome location in which our apartment community is situated. Garner is located in a region of North Carolina that is continuously ranked among the best places to work, live, and learn in North America.

In addition to the wonderful social constructs of the community that our Garner apartments are located in, we are also located in a great geographical area. Garner offers a multitude of different opportunities in both urban and natural environments. Garner is situated a short 12-minute drive from Raleigh, while also being close to natural areas like Lake Benson where you can find an abundance of hunting, fishing, and hiking opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Come check out our amazing location!

Find Your New Home At The Summerwind Apartments

When it comes to apartments for rent in Garner, NC, there are no apartment communities better than the Summerwind Apartments. We hope that today’s blog brought to light some of the awesome features of our apartments, and we hope that you choose to schedule a tour and come to visit us soon.

In the future, this blog will be used to discuss our apartments, new happenings, as well as an abundance of tips, tricks, and information that we have about apartment life. Contact us today if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon.

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